A member of the New Democratic Movement spreads homophobia

One of our readers has submitted a letter to our mailbox accompanied by two photos which we print below.


“On October 10, the Opposition held a rally in Freedom square in Yerevan. The leaders in their speeches highlighted that they fight for the rights of citizens against illegal regime. Very pleasing to see that the struggle for human rights and democracy are the main directions, however the movement leaders should be able to formulate their message and actions in such a way that the citizens attending their rallies start appreciating those values and get rid of posters offending the gender identity. Conchita was fighting for human rights. However after seeing such poster I am very doubtful if this woman came to rally to really fight for human rights. If this practice continues during the next rallies, we should start thinking that the movement leaders have different perception of what is meant to be human rights, concludes the letter.


To remind, The October 10 rally was organized by Prosperous Armenia, Armenian National Congress and Heritage parties.