Any manifestation of violence is unacceptable. Deputy Prime Minister about Shurnukh’s Case

Any manifestation of violence is unacceptable; no matter it is commited towards minority, clergy or towards foreigners. Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan expressed such an opinion at yesterday’s press conference on Radio Liberty referring to the incident in Shurnuk.

Answering to a question posed by one of Facebook users whether it is not the time for the authorities to have a clear political stance on the protection of LGBT rights, on equality and against discrimination, the Deputy Prime Minister said, “I would not want to separate a group because when you talk about a separate group, it turns out that the interests of that group are more important than the interests of the rest. This is very important within the framework of the logic of human rights. Violence is unacceptable; any manifestation of violence is unacceptable no matter it is towards minority, clergy or towards foreigners. Therefore, the law enforcement bodies should go through the traces of this incident, and this case is within the competences of the law enforcement agencies.”

In response to another question on the topic as to how he describes Shannukh’s events, hate speech on the internet, spread of the threats against that social group, whether he considers it as a provocation, or whether the authorities are already dealing with this issue, as well as whether he sees any danger of the negative impact on relations with the EU or PACE, in particular, from the standpoint of the UN Geneva Convention, from the standpoint of Human Rights, the Deputy Prime Minister answered, To be honest, I do not see any problem in cooperation with our partners, because in the most complicated issues we are trying to be possibly sincer and to voice the problems we have in our society. As regards the provocation, I would not like to give any assessment, because in regard to this issue a thing is unacceptable for me, the violence that is being used, that is, I do not even want to go deep into the content of the topic and talk about it, because here there is a very simple truth –as a solution to any problem violence is unacceptable regardless of the cause, regardless of who it was against and the grounds it has. We went and solved the most difficult problem in this country without violence. Are there any more difficult issues that need to be solved with violence? I think there are not.”