Aram Manukyan was reluctant to answer the questions saying, “I just answered to the question” continues the interview series with the MPs discussing the LGBTI rights, and this time we interviewed secretary of “Armenian National Congress” faction. However, he was reluctant to answer most questions.

-Mr. Manukyan, do you see the necessity of adopting anti-discrimination legislation in Armenia?

-I am a member of liberal party and I reject all types of discrimination.

-An anti-discrimination bill is being developed in Armenia. Do you think there is need to have a clause about discrimination against LGBTI persons there? 

-That’s a very difficult question. You should adopt the law respecting international commitments and conventions but, most importantly, preserve your national character. That is to say, it consists of two components; tradition, family, national character and international commitments. If you combine those two components I think that will be a normal solution.

-For instance, do you think that normal solution should include LGBTI people’s right to marry each other?

– I have already answered to that question.

-My previous question wasn’t about that. Now I am asking if LGBTI persons should have right to get married to each other or not.

-I just answered to that question.

-You are an MP in the Parliament. Are you ready to protect the rights of LGBTI persons? How would you vote?

-I answered to the question.