ARF MP does not accept LGBTI persons “normally”

LGBTnews continues the series of interviews with MPs of the Natinal Assembly to find out their position on LGBTI rights. This time our interlocutor is Suren Manukyan, ARF faction MP.

-Mr Manukyan, in your opinion, are there many manifestations of discrimination in Armenia? Is there discrimination based on any ground that worries you the most?

– I’m not aware of such issues at all, that somebody be discriminated against.

-You are an MP, hasn’t any citizen ever applied to you stating that he/she has been discriminated against?

– When I communicate with people as an MP, there is no such a discriminatory attitude towards them. I treat everyone the same way, and I am not aware whether there is discrimination in other spheres or not, nobody has ever applied to me for such kind of issues.

-In your opinion, is it necessary to ensure equal conditions for all citizens regardless of any circumstances?

-That is the requirement of the Armenian Constitution.

-And does the Republic of Armenia provide conditions for people to realize their Constitutional rights?

– I cannot confidently say that it provides in a hundred percent, but steps will be taken, are being taken and such issues are being regulated over time. There is no complete equality in any developed country.

LGBT people are probably the most discriminated group in Armenia. Are you ready to protect their rights?

-Our nation is not ready to accept homosexual people “normally”.

-Do you, as an MP, accept them “normally” or not?

– Of course not!

In other words, it can be assumed that if there is a draft law on the realization of their rights in the National Assembly, let’s suppose on the same-sex marriages, are you going to vote against?

-At the moment, I cannot say whether I will vote for or against, when such discussion take place, I will make my decision.

But, at the moment, you are not ready to accept them, as you said “normally”…

-It is possible that we vote for and vote against as well.

-You say that you do not accept homosexual people “normally”. Do you think you have any advantage over LGBTI persons?

-Do you mean from the legal perspective?

-From any perspective!

– From the legal point of view, the Constitution also says that people are equal.

And from what perspective do you have an advantage?

-Well, you ask from the legal perspective, I answer from the same one. I will not say anything else.