Assaulted LGBT activists were mocked in hospital;

On February 15 the LGBT activist, who went to Yerevan N1 hospital complex, was treated disrespectfully by the members of medical staff. Head of Public Information and Need of Knowledge (PINK Armenia) NGO told this in the interview with

On the same day 3-4 young people assaulted 5 LGBT activists in Yerevan Moskovyan Street. They targeted one of the activists and beat him. The others tried to protect their friend. The aggressors also swore and mocked one of the activists because of his sexual orientation.  Hovsepyan defined the attack as a hate crime.

According to Hovsepyan, one of the injured activists, who went to the doctor, was treated badly.

According to Hovsepyan, one of the members of medical staff said the following to the LGBT activist,- “Let’s take your blood test to see if you have any deflections and treat them”.

The head of the NGO also underscored that they haven’t provided the activist a complete examination in the hospital. “They demanded the activist to pay so that they cam examine him. They just looked over him, wrote a record but didn’t give it to him”.

The victims of violence called the police about the incident. They also intend to approach to the Ministry of healthcare to complain about the behavior of the doctors.