Australian population is for marriage equality

“The results of about two-month long national postal surveys have shown that the overwhelming majority of Australian population support the legalization of homosexual marriages”, – writes CNN.

The Australian Statistical Bureau has published the survey results on Wednesday: 61% of the population voted in favour of the legalization of homosexual marriages, while 38% voted against.

After the announcement, in the centre of Melbourne, where hundreds of people gathered to hear poll results, rainbow-coloured smokes and fireworks were organized.

More than 12.7 million people, 79.5 percent of the population, took part in the voting with every state and territory returning a majority “yes”.

This is the beginning of the end of the long-running campaign in Australia for the establishment of marriage equality. Following the results, Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that “yes” has received a vast majority and called for legalizing homosexual marriages before Christmas.

 “They voted “yes” for justice, they voted “yes” for loyalty, they voted “yes” for love. And now, we, the Australian parliament, have to solve that issue”, – said the prime minister.

It is expected that politicians will start discussing the details of same-sex marriage bill already in this week. As a result of the pressure by the Liberal Party in 2015, Tony Abbot, the prime minister of that period, announced that a nationwide voting or a referendum is planned to determine whether marriage equality should be legalized. However, he could not get funding for the conduction of the referendum after the bill had been denied twice in the Australian Senate. In August, the current prime minister announced that postal voting would be held in the country. The voting began on September 12, and Australians registered for the voting could make their decisions until November 7.