Being a conservative, MP Vahe Enfiajyan is against same-sex relationships

LGBTnews interviewed MP of Prosperous Armenia faction Vahe Enfiajyan regarding LGBTI rights.

Mr. Enfiajyan, do you think an anti-discrimination law is necessary for Armenia?

I support liberal approaches, but I also value moral norms and principles—not perversion and deformity. I believe that no one in this planet should be discriminated against, but at the same time society’s perceptions should not be distorted.

What do you consider perversion and distortion? Why are you mentioning such terms in the context of discrimination?

The issue of discrimination—be it national, racial, gender, etc., has always been given a great political importance, and some solutions have been proposed.

Should the anti-discrimination law include LGBTI people? Can there be an anti-discriminatory law that discriminates against a certain group?

Every person is free to decide how they want to live their life, but ultimately the good and the bad are reflected back to the self. I am allowed to have my own opinion on this matter. I’m a conservative; I belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church, and I do not support same-sex marriages and relationships. Everyone lives their own life, but at the same time let us state that personal preferences should not influence other people’s lives, so that the effects of their harmful activity do not permeate into the society.

According to the Constitution, everyone is free to act the way they want to as long as their action is not forbidden by law and doesn’t limit the rights of others. For example, if LGBTI people have the right to form a union, would this restrict someone else’s right and if so, how?

I believe such approaches have very tangible and very broad global political motives. I already expressed my opinion. If, let’s say, such individuals get married and adopt a child, how will the child fit into the society? This already constitutes a distortion, since all the biological norms are violated.

Are the terms such as “distortion” and “perversion” associated with LGBTI people in your speech?

You are going too far into the details.

You are a MP. If LGBTI people turn to you for the protection of their rights, what would your actions be?

I would naturally perform my duties within my mandate.