Big-Big Bazar 2017 will again help homeless LGBTI persons

New Year souvenirs, handmade works, books of different genres, tableware, clothes and everything, that can be found at New Year fairs, is possible to buy at Big-Big Bazar 2017 as well on Saturday, at the same time helping to solve the shelter problem of homeless LGBTI persons.

Big-Big Bazar has organized the “LGBTI Shelter Initiative” for already the second time this year. Rim Sardaryan, a member and organizer of the event, told LGBTnews that the idea of ​​the bazar emerged in the summer of last year. “We, the members of the LGBTI shelter initiative, were thinking to organize such an event enabling us to collect money for those people who remain homeless because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We thought that all we have things at our homes that we do not use, but regret to throw away, and thus we decided to collect all those things, organize a bazaar and sell them during it: the entire proceeds would be directed to the needs of the people who were left without shelter”.

Rim told that 30-40 LGBTI people had been provided with temporary shelter, food and other necessary items due to the money gathered from the last year’s bazaar.

For security reasons, mainly LGBTI community members and allies participate in the fair.

 “Since there is a security problem, we cannot make it public and invite more people. We would like, of course, to organize it at some public area, publicize the event, we would have more visitors who would participate in the bazaar but at the moment we do not have that opportunity” – Rim noted.

Those who have not managed to participate in Big-Big Bazar can buy the unsold items online.