Developments on the hate crime against LGBT activists: STATEMENT

Bekum Democracy Support Centre has issued a statement about the physical assault committed towards the LGBT activists by several unidentified persons. 

“Yesterday, February 16, 2016, several unidentified persons attacked LGBT activists in central Yerevan by physically assaulting the LGBT activists. The activists immediately reported the incidence to the Police. The Armenian Police official website remains unvoiced so far. It contains no data about this incident neither are available any details on the assailants. There is an available press coverage according to which one of the victims went to Yerevan N1 Clinical Hospital to receive emergency medical treatment but the doctors mocked them and did not provide with the available full medical examination.  

Bekum Democracy Support Centre strongly condemns this aggression, as well as the factual Police inaction both to quickly follow up the matter to find the assailants and to cope with the doctors and medical staff of the hospital which violated the available Armenian legislation and medical ethics. 

We call on civil society groups, human rights activists and international community in Armenia to comprehensively follow up the developments of this case. We demand from the Police to immediately take appropriate actions for finding the assailants and holding those accountable to the fullest extent of the law. We call on the Ministry of Health to accordingly deal with the aforementioned hospital to find out and remove the unacceptable applied norms. 

We remain committed and will closely follow up this hate crime to bring the perpetrators to justice and public responsibility”.