Do you wish happiness to everyone? LGBTQ social campaign in Yerevan

The three-year action “Solidarity Network for LGBTI in Armenia and Georgia” is in progress in Armenia, in the framework of which social posters have been installed in Yerevan.

The project is being implemented by Pink Armenia and Society Without Violence NGOs and The Heinrich Böll Foundation South Caucasus Regional Office.

Launched in 2015, the project consists of three phases and it will soon come to an end.

In the first phase of the project Pink Armenia conducted a comprehensive study on “LGBTI legal situation in Armenia”, and Society Without Violence NGO carried out a study on “Societal attitudes towards LGBTI persons in Armenia”. Those studies were presented to the public during several events.

In the second phase, with the participation of some other social units and LGBTI community representatives a document has been developed titled “A comprehensive strategic plan of realization of LGBTI person’s rights in Armenia”.  The presentation of the document was held in Yerevan on December 2, 2016. Law-enforcement officers provided security during the event.

The third phase of the project is in progress at the moment. In the framework of the project financial assistance is provided to 10 initiatives developed from the strategic plan; trainings, “Colorful reading”, social videos and etc.

Recent social movement organized in Yerevan is also one of those initiatives. Message posters say: “Trans persons are a part of our society”, “You meet them every day”, “Do you wish happiness to everybody? Wish us happiness as well” have appeared in the center of the city.

The overall objective of the videos and posters is to promote positive visibility of LGBTI persons in our society. The messages are important in terms of appearing posters of positive visibility in Yerevan streets, which give people a hint that we exist and we are full-fledged part of this society.

The poster reading about happiness attempts to bring the important idea that everybody has right to be happy.  A video has been shot telling that no wealth, luxurious cars and palaces can make you happy if you have to hide your identity, live in fear and not be able to live next to your beloved one. Material means are nothing if you are not happy. And everybody wants to be happy. Then we should also wish happiness to each other.

The message on the other poster points that we all deal with LGBTI people every day, even if we don’t know about it, since they are ordinary people; doctors, professors, musicians, scientists, journalists, politicians and so on.

The third poster gives us a message that there are trans persons in Armenia like anywhere else and people are different, among them LGBTI community is diverse’’- says project coordinator of Pink Armenia Armen Aghajanov during his interview with LGBTnews.

The summary of the three-year project is expected to be done in August this year and the project results will be presented.