Gevorg Kostanyan joined the group of “Unawares of the topic”

LGBTnews talked with Gevorg Kostanyan, Adviser to the President of the Republic of Armenia, Candidate for the National Assembly according to RPA proportional list, RA Government representative to the European Court of Human Rights, who previously served as the Prosecutor General of RA, Deputy Minister of Justice, as well as a member of the composition of the Commission elaborating the constitutional amendments.

– Mister Kostanyan, do you notice discriminatory attitude towards any group in Armenia?

– Discrimination could be a subject of discussion in a specific case. I don’t see discrimination against any layer of the society or any other groups: if there are concrete cases, we can discuss. – For example, haven’t you ever noticed discrimination against LGBTI people?

– I am unaware of this topic and don’t want to talk on this issue. Write that Kostanyan refused to talk.

– Aren’t LGBTI people rights important for you? 

– As I’m unaware of this topic, I cannot express any opinion. When I am imformed, we’ll speak.

– Why don’t you know? Haven’t you ever been interested in LGBTI people and the realization of their rights?

– Now I’m busy with other activities.

– You have recently talked on the fact that the Constitution provides guarantees for human rights protection, LGBTI persons…

– Let’s talk about it when I possess these materials, otherwise we can keep talking like this…

What is the reason that you have never been interested in the rights of LGBT people? Isn’t this a legal issue as well? During the constitutional amendments many times have been speculated…

 –I am not interested in…I don’t have any time, that’s why I haven’t been interested, and you wouldn’t get anything from the chain of this questions as, anyhow, in the result, I don’t possess this topic and don’t have any opinion on this. 

– But you are human rights specialist, Armenia’s representative in ECHR. In your opinion, should LGBTI rights equality with other citizens be fixed in the Armenian legislation?

– I don’t understand the limits of the realization of these rights, in order to say whether these rights should be equal or not.

– For example, should the right of LGBTI persons to marriage be fixed? 

– I have already repeated that I don’t understand. Why you keep on asking?

– Because I know that you are aware but avoid to answer.

–Well, now I am answering in this way (smiling broadly and went – ed.).