Hate crimes and other hate-motivated violations against LGBTI persons; Research

LGBTI people are more often exposed to violence in the streets. This is what a research carried out by Pink Armenia NGO states.

According to the data of a research on hate-motivated incidents during 2010-2016, 40% of violence was the most committed on the street,  23% were victims in universities, 21% in schools, 21% in youth groups, 17% in pubs and other entertainment venues, 15% in shops, 13% at home and recreational/sports facilities.

On an institutional level, 8% of LGBT people were subjected to violence in the workplace, 6% in healthcare institutions, 4.5% in churches, while 23% were threatened online through e-mail and text messaging.

It is important to mention that for a variety of reasons, LGBT individuals are reluctant to apply to law enforcement authorities after instances of crime, violence or discrimination. LGBT victims and witnesses said that the involvement of law enforcement bodies in addressing the violations were ineffective.

It is said in the research, “Law enforcement agencies are not interested in identifying perpetrators and in applying punitive measures to this end, and rather, act as camouflage for hate crimes and from the position of not publicizing the issue, taking into consideration the important fact that very often the representatives of law enforcement or other state agencies are offenders themselves”.

The study includes testimony from 198 LGBT individuals, who shared information about hate crime incidences against LGBT persons that took place during 2010-2016.