Hatred and aggression grows in parallel with the increasing visibility of LGBT persons.

Compared to the previous years, there is no positive change in terms of manifestation of violence and discrimination against LGBTI persons, the situation has only worsened. Such an opinion expressed “New Generation” humanitarian NGO chairman Sergey Gabrielyan at a press conference dedicated to the International day of struggle against homophobia and transphobia.

Equality and diversity program coordinator of the organization Arman Sahakyan noted that the reason for the deterioration of the situation is the year-by-year increasing visibility of LGBTI people, and, connected with this, hatred and aggression towards these people grows in a homophobic and transphobic society:

“We don’t have balanced protection by the state”, – he said.

Sergey Gabrielyan also added, that although Armenia has ratified numerous international documents condemning homophobia and transphobia, these documents remain unapplied, and if they are realized, then only to the extent as required by the state.

Gabrielyan also spoke on the discrimination in Mass media: “Calls for discrimination, torture and hatred are prevailing in Mass media, more than 80 percent of the media contains hate speech against LGBTI people, as well as NGOs and advocates protecting LGBTI people are targeted”.

According to Gabrielyan, based on the homophobic attitude of the media and the public, most of the LGBTI community does not apply to NGOs and defenders involved in the protection of LGTBI people rights to defend their rights: “There are people who come to us, apply and receive legal advice, but when it comes to applying the police and courts, people are afraid to be revealed”.

Human rights and interests advocacy programs’ coordinator of “New Generation” humanitarian NGO Nare Hovhannisyan presented the results of the research implemented by them during the previous year. The research refers to manifestations of intolerance and discrimination against LGTB persons in 10 regions of Armenia and in Yerevan. According to the results of the qualitative research, physical, sexual assaults, hate speech, intolerance and psychological oppression inflicted by 100% in RA power structures, the manifestations of intolerance and hate speech, psychological oppression in the media sector inflicted by 90%, oppression against LGTBI people in families occur in 60 percent of cases, manifestations of intolerance – in 72 percent, psychological oppression – in 74 percent, psychological and sexual assaults in state institutions – in 5 percent, manifestations of intolerance and hate speech – in 75 percent, psychological oppression  – in 74 percent, sexual assault in health sector – in 10 percent, in religious organizations  – in 8 percent, in workplaces and educational institutions – in 5 percent, in entertainment venues – 55 and inside community – in 10 percent of cases.

“Right side” NGO chairperson Lilit Martirosyan spoke on the absence of the law permitting gender change, and according to her, as a result of this, trans people are subjected to discrimination in medical institutions and by doctors.

She noted that they, together with ILGA Europe NGO, carry out documenting on the hater-based crimes against trans people during 2016 – 2017, and from January to May, 30 cases of violence against trans people  have been recorded. The report will be published on January 2018.