I am conservative; don’t turn to me for this issue. Member of Republican Party of Armenia, Ruzanna Muradyan

A few days ago “Zhoghovurd” (People) newspaper wrote that member of Republican Party of Armenia, Ruzanna Muradyan printed a manual claiming that pupils should be tolerant of sexual minorities.

According to the information in the newspaper, Muradyan intends to hand out the manuals to pupils. However, studying financial activities of Ministry of Education and Science of the RA, The Control Chamber of the RA found out that the NGO led by Ruzanna Muradyan, among others, got a grant and printed those brochures. Afterwards, the Ministry banned taking the brochures out of the publishing-house and distributing them among pupils.

However, in the interview with newspapers, Muradyan underscored that it was the first time she had heard that story.

LGBTnews tried to find out what NGO they spoke about and how this story applied to her. In response to our question, the deputy only pointed out that she hadn’t been the head of “Education Without Borders” NGO for a long time then.

We should recall that, in an interview with LGBTnews before, Muradyan mentioned that she didn’t consider LGBTI rights as human rights. She pointed out that you “shouldn’t break with what creates the nature and the God”.

Muradyan had also mentioned, “Everyone choses his/her own preferences, I am not against any one, but I am against that principles”.

The deputy, who considered homosexuality to be a principle or a preference, was a member of the RA NA Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs then. Currently she is only a representative of Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport.

We tried to contact “Education Without Borders” NGO to find out how the organization applied to her and also to clarify whether the story about the brochures was true or not. If yes, did the NGO take steps to achieve its goals and allocate the brochures to pupils?

They promised us to give answers to our questions later. However, we could no longer manage to contact any member of the NGO.

The article in “Zhoghovurd” newspaper and Ruzanna Muradyan’s opinion on LGBTI persons gave us an opportunity to try to clarify once more time whether she still believed that LGBTI rights are not human rights or if she had changed her opinion or not. Muradyan was reluctant to answer the questions pointing out that she “doesn’t make any comments about this topic”. We tried to find out the reason why the deputy avoided answering the question

Muradyan just said, “I am conservative, don’t turn to me for that issue any more”.