I have not studied the field, I do not have an opinion. MP from RPA

LGBTnews continues the series of interviews with MPs of National Assembly, and this time our interlocutor is Mihran Hakobyan, a member of the Republican Party of Armenia and a member of the Standing Committee on European Integration.

– Mr. Hakobyan, do you see any need for legal regulation in Armenia forbidding discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity?

– I do not know the field, I do not have any statistics, so I can not answer that question: I do not have an opinion as person’s opinion should be based on facts and arguments.

– You are an MP, a member of the European Integration Commission, how can you have no idea about the question on human rights?

– We are a legal state, with a number of international and constitutional obligations, laws and within the framework of laws, our international commitments, we must do everything we can, to make our legal state established. The rest are consequences coming from here.

– Armenia has ratified many international documents by undertaking a commitment to protect all people as well as LGBTI persons’ rights.

-I do not distinguish people by their religious, political, public or any other positions, and I think that in many cases the discussed problems are fictitious and are divided according to political, religious and other positions. I don’t have such a position, I consider a person as a human with his rights and I don’t want to consider him/her as a representative of any group. A person is a single value and has relevant rights and responsibilities. Legal state is the one, where all people are equal in front of the law.

– Can we assume from your words that according to your point of view Armenia should ensure, for example, the realization of the right of homosexuals to marry each other equally to the other RA citizens?

-I repeat once more that I have not studied this sphere well and can not express any particular position as I need to have a specific opinion for expressing a clear position.

My question stems from your answers: I ask if all people in the legal state should have equal rights, then should homosexuals like the other citizens of the Republic of Armenia have the opportunity to get married?

– No matter how direct you give the question, I will not answer it directly.


-Because I told straight away: I treat a person as a human being with his rights and responsibilities within the scopes of the law.

-What is the reason that you answer directly to the general question on human rights, but to the specific question on LGBTI persons’ rights, you avoid giving direct answers. Me, as a journalist, want to get your answers and present the readers your attitude towards LGBTI persons’ marriage. If, for example, there were a bill on LGBTI persons’ marriage in the National Assembly, how would you vote?

– I do not express any opinion now. When we have a bill, we will discuss and we will know.

The existing Constitution does not prohibit homosexual marriages…

– I have been an active supporter of the current version of the Constitution, and I think it is the most serious Constitution that meets modern democratic standards with the provisions contained therein. Thus, for us the family is the union of an adult man and woman. That is how is written in the Constitution

And, for example, the union of and adult man and a man or the union of a woman and a woman?

– I do not want to comment on that question. We have what we have in the Constitution. By the Constitution, do I have the right not to answer the question to which I do not want to answer?

– Of course you do, and I have the right to ask you questions and want to clarify your position on a very clear issue.

– My position is the Constitution of Armenia: we live by it, our lifestyle, relationships with each other are built according to it. I will not say anything more.