I Hope the Government will Do Everything to Change the Laws. Arsine Khanjyan

Canadian-Armenian actor and public figure Arsine Khanjyan hopes that the issue of LGBTI rights will also be solved in Armenia after the change in power. Responding to the question of LGBTnews about what expectations she has with regard to solving the issue of LGBTI rights, she answered, I hope this issue will be solved because new Armenia treats its people and its nation with new approaches. I hope the government will do everything that the laws and people’s thinking be changed, be educated, she said.

Arsine Khandjyan also highlighted the role of civil organizations in this regard, noting that this issue should be presented in a transparent manner. “I hope civil institutions will be able to apply to the state with more power, without fear, because fear is an ugly phenomenon for any nation and especially for Armenians.”

The actress mentioned that she considers LGBTI people as equal to all other citizens, who have the right to live freely in their environment, among their own nation without hiding their identity.

“Those who live in Armenia should not suffer as they suffer now, should not be condemned as they are, because for me they are normal people like everyone else, if we accept that any person is normal. We all have the same rights,” said the actress.

Khanjyan expressed an opinion that restriction of human rights in the modern world is unacceptable, “Restricting human rights, bad treatment or religious affiliation will bring us to the realities of the past. We live in 2018, where we want to present ourselves as the bearers of progressive culture.” 

Khanjyan mentioned that the rumors about LGBTI rights were the result of foreign influences, are expressions of ignorance, “I personally criticize these people because they have no respect towards love and independent identity.”