In development, children of same-sex couples do not differ from those of heterosexual families: research

“Studying the results of the US citizens’ 2013-2015 national health survey, scientists have come to the conclusion that children growing up in same-sex families do not have development problems”, – writes Gaystarnews.

The data on the sensory, mental and psychological health of 21,000 children (aged 4-17) and their parents have been studied.

According to the survey results, children growing up in same-sex families do not have performance problems at school. The grades of bisexual parents’ children are slightly lower: the researchers link this with extra stress, to which bisexual parents of the children are subjected. According to some research data, bisexuals are more discriminated against than homosexuals.

The authors write that “in a more open society, bisexuals would have had less stress, which would have a positive impact on the mental health of children growing up in bisexual families”.

This study is just the latest one in a number of recent studies, which prove that homosexual couples are not inferior to heterosexuals in terms of child upbringing.

Jerel Calzo, an associate professor at San Diego Medical School and the author of the research, has noted: “Gay, lesbian and bisexual families become more and more visible in the society, and our conclusions confirm the results of the previous researches, according to which, the children of such families do not have psychological problems compared with those of heterosexual families”.

The results show that we should continue fighting against discrimination based on sexual orientation and support gays and lesbians, because those people are constantly subjected to stress”.

According to the survey results, about 6 million children live with homosexual parents in the United States. However, the survey conducted in 2015 showed that more than a third of Americans think that LGBTI people should not be allowed to adopt children, and the most common counter-argument is the one stating that children suffer from it.

Scientists hope to put an end to this fallacy eventually.

In the same year of 2015, the Australian government ordered a study on the topic of “Child upbringing in same-sex families” and received the following results: “Children of same-sex families are not inferior to the ones of heterosexual families in terms of emotional development, social adaptation and learning achievements”.

Moreover, scientists concluded that, on average, lesbian couples are better at child-upbringing than heterosexuals.

Another conclusion is that “The children of same-sex families are more likely to accept the idea that sexual orientation, gender identity and family types may be various”.