Intelligent person cannot be homophobic. Lawyers

International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia continues to be celebrated in Armenia. Today LGBTnews spoke with Armenian advocates in order to hear their opinion on the situation of LGBTI rights in Armenia and their message to the public and community.

On the opinion of advocate Zhanna Aleqsanyan the rights of all groups are violated in Armenia: “Armenia is far from establishing equal rights. I mean for LGBTI people as well. The rights of all Armenian citizens are violated, including this group”.

The advocate thinks that all should jointly fight against the current situation: “All the layers of the society should jointly fight and, most importantly, the fighters should protect each other, should protect their interests and should defend human rights”.

Zhanna Aleqsanyan called on fighting for human rights without discrimination, without separating anyone, as the rights of all are equal.

In his talk with us, advocate Arthur Sakunts expressed the opinion that hatred based on sexual orientation, political, religious or any other differences, discrimination and  intolerance are not only violations of human dignity and rights humiliation, but also infects the society with defects, which, in its turn, hinders the development of the society.

“Human society is diverse in its natural form and diversity is its natural form of existence. This is the fundamental truth, which everybody should understand”. And giving preferential treatment or vulnerable state to any group is a very primitive manifestation of “divide and conquer” principle, which mainly use authoritarian and dictatorial governments in order to control the society”, – said the advocate.

Sakunts called on the intellectuals and artists to be an example of formation of specific position, as, according to him, many ethical norms come from the behavior of reputable persons.

“Intelligent person can not be homophobic”, – said he.

Advocate Edgar Khachatrya reminded that they should consider the fact that LGBTI community is the part of public: “This means that they should have all the rights, make use of all the opportunities, which can be used by any citizen. This is a very important issue of human rights and dignity”.