Keep a close watch to the development of the events around the committed violence against LGBT activists; statement

“Bekum” Center for Democracy Support made a statement on the violence against LGBTI activists committed by a group of people yesterday in Yerevan.

“Yesterday LGBTI activists were attacked by a group of people while walking along the street, in the result of which the activists got injured. The activists called the police about the incident”.

There aren’t any statements about the incident on the official page of the Police and the data of the aggressors hasn’t been publicized so far.

 According to the media, one of the injured people, who has gone to Yerevan N1 Hospital Complex to receive treatment, was mocked by medical staff and didn’t get a complete examination.

It is written in the statement; “Bekum” Center for Democracy Support strongly condemns violence against LGBT activists, as well as the actual idleness of the Police, not taking the chance to discover the crime as long as it’s too late and also medical ethics of the staff and their illegal behavior.

We call to representatives of Civil Societies, human rights defenders, foreign international institutions in Armenia to follow the events developing around the incident, we demand the Police to take measures to find the aggressors and bring them to responsibility, and we urge the Ministry of Healthcare to take steps to eliminate the unacceptable behavior of above mentioned medical staff.

Our institution is going to be alert to keep a close watch to the steps taken for discovering all the details of this crime and bringing all the guilty people to public and legal responsibility”.