Khosrov Hartutyuntyan, MP, replied aggressively on the question of discrimination

Khosrov Harutyunyan, MP from ruling Republican Party, considers the discussion of the issue of LGBT as “an artificial issue to get a grant”. The questions of seriously upset the former Prime Minister. The journalist asked whether Mr Harutyunyan thinks there is a need of an anti-discrimination legislation, Mr Harutyunyan asked – what discrimination. The journalist replied saying that any kind of discrimination and Mr Harutyunyan denying the existence of any type of discrimination in Armenia adding.

– Go and ask any citizens whether they feel there is a need of ethnic discrimination or not?

To journalist’s reference that there are other types of discrimination, for example sexual orientation or gender identity, the MP demanded to bring a specific example when anyone in Armenia was discriminated in sexual grounds however didn’t let the journalist reply the question later adding the following in an agressive tone.

– Have you ever been a victim of sexual discrimination?

 The journalist reminded the MP the task of any media however the MP continued showing and added.

– It is very simple, the purpose of taking about such issues is just to get a grant. It is for your grants that you started to talk about those issues.

The former Prime Minster quickly left the scene while continue to shout and refused to reply and other questions.