LGBT activists have been assaulted in Yerevan;

On February 15th at about 21:00 pm three unknown persons beat LGBT activists and there were  two girls, two boys and a one transgender woman (source of information availabel at

The group was having a walk along Moskovyan Street in Yerevan in the evening; three unknown boys approached them and immediately beat one of the boys with swearing and mocking him. The friends of beaten boy had tried to help him but they were also attacked. The aggressors mocked the beaten one because of his appearance just thinking he was homosexual.

After the incident, the victims of violence told the security officer curfew near the statue of Tumanyan about the incident and yesterday the most suffered young man went to the doctor and showed injuries and called the police about the incident.

According to the media, one of the assaulted people is a member of Public Information and Need of Knowledge (PINK Armenia) NGO, which confirmed the information about the incident.