LGBT rights are not the only ones being violated in Armenia, MP, Khachatur Kokobelyan

“There should be a tolerance towards LGBT people; one should not interfere in another’s personal life. This is how I, as a liberal politician, think” said MP Khachatur Kokobelyan during his interview with commenting on the overall attitude in the country towards LGBT people.

The MP highlighted that there are standards accepted by the world and breaking those standards would seriously damage the reputation of a state.

“There are standards, there is the atmosphere of tolerance, there are criteria for global civilization and breaking those standards does not look favorable for Republic of Armenia or for anyone breaking it” said the MP.


As an example we can use here, is the article printed in Iravunk Newspaper, owned by  Republican MP Hayk Babukhanyan, entitled ”They serve the interests of global homosexual lobby, the black list nation’s and state’s enemies” which has been recently commented by several PACE delegates.

 Kokobelyan refused to comment on the article reasoning that he is not fully aware of all details of the article.

“I can only highlight that there is no atmosphere of tolerance on freedom of expression in Armenia, which of course from the other side, does not mean one can insult others. One thing is very vivid – the power of speech is underestimated in the country. Any accidental speech mistake might damage country’s reputation or insult someone ” said the MP.

Kokobelyan advised that one should not talk only about LGBT rights and separate them from the rest of citizens, as their rights are not the only ones being violated in the country.

“There is no single filed in Armenia where the fundamental freedoms and rights are not violated and therefore I am not sure we would specifically single out and talk only about the violations of LGBT rights” said the MP.