LGBTnews restarts its works; a letter to the reader

Dear reader, is again available. Founded in 2014, this information web page worked with the support of Norway Government for a year; afterwards it was operating by the work of our volunteer editorial staff.

Throughout the course of its activities, the web page has been subjected to hacker attacks for several times and sometimes hasn’t been available to the reader. However, due to having a specialist during the first year we managed to restore the web page immediately.

In the middle of 2016, when the editorial staff worked on a voluntary basis and there wasn’t a technical security specialist because of lack of resources, the website was subjected to hacker attacks for a few times again. In the result, it caused significant damage not only to the availability of the page but also to the archive and other technical parameters.

11 programmers refused to restore the web page at the time, despite the fact that members of the editorial staff were ready to pay the needed money. The specialists brought different reasons to withdraw from their previous arrangements as soon as they found out the name and the orientation of the web page.

However, we are pleased to announce that we managed to find a reasonable and professional specialist, who could restore the archive of LGBTnews and make it available to its readers. Thus, we have the opportunity to continue our activities and publish new articles.

We would like to remind law enforcement authorities that cyber-attacks and the damage to online resources caused by it are considered to be a crime. From now on, we call them to fulfill their legislative functions such as to prevent, as well as identify such actions.

Current design of the web page is temporary. LGBTnews will be available to the reader with new and more convenient style.

This information website also has a new partner. We are going to work with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the near future. We hope the number and geography of our partners will increase, as we are sure that communication of local and international partners, who consider LGBTI rights to be inseparable, will increase the efficiency of the work and will promote the quicker implementation of common goals. We strongly believe that such communication will promote democratization of Armenia and the formation of legally equal, sovereign and diverse society in Armenia.

As before, from now on LGBTnews is going to follow the international principles, values and rules of journalism ethics and standards, which were set during the meetings of representatives of international journalism organizations held in Prague and Paris in 1983. We are going to continue developing the achievements of media with using new international and local links and cooperation platforms.

We are indeed grateful for our readers for sharing our articles in social networks, for reacting actively, for encouraging us and for commending our activities. The editorial staff will continue to do its best to strengthen communication with the readers maintain trust with them.

For suggestions, objections and comments, as well as for cooperation, you can contact the editorial staff with email address.