LGTBI persons are mostly abused in power enforcement structures. Research

LGBTI persons are mostly exposed to intolerance, discrimination and abuse in power enforcement structures. The next group of people treating LGTBI persons badly is the families of the community representatives. The journalist-researcher Nane Bagratuni told about this during the meeting with journalists. The latter, together with “New Generation” humanitarian NGO, implemented “Discrimination against LGBTI persons and right violations in Armenia” social research.

The research has been carried out in 10 regions of Armenia and in Yerevan, focus groups include representatives of healthcare sector and Mass media, family members of LGBTI persons, public activists and representatives of state power structures.

The research results have been summarized taking into account the cases of physical and psychological violence against the LGBTI community and fair treatment.

According to Bagratuni, all the above-numerated types of bad attitude towards LGBTI persons were expressed in power structures.

“For example, when in army it becomes known that a person is a gay, the latter is isolated, his plates and cups are not used, and  they are often subjected to sexual violence, told”, – mentioned Nane Bagratuni.

Homosexual persons are subjected to physical abuse and psychological oppressions and to unfair attitude. Bagratuni said that the family members are often the reason that LGBTI persons are treated unfairly in some state structures. In particular, there have been cases when parents  placed an LGTBI person in a hospital thinking that they are ill and need treatment. The organization is aware of the cases when attempts have been made to heal a LGBTI person not by their will.

In this regard, according to Bagratuni, emerges another problem – the lack of awareness among professionals.

The report also includes the issues of hate speech, intolerance, discrimination towards LGBTI persons during 2016 in media sector. Human rights and advocacy program coordinator of the organization Nare Hovhannisyan noted that while making the research the existing publications of 2016 in networks on LGBTI persons have been studied.

The latter brought examples of intolerant attitude of government representatives towards LGBTI persons in media sector highlighted that even a new website has been launched in order to widen intolerant attitude and hate speech against LGBTI persons.

Summarizing their speeches, speakers noted that LGBTI persons, living in the environment of widespread intolerance, realizing their own gender orientation and gender identity, sometimes become intolerant towards themselves, start to hate themselves. According to the speakers, there have been cases when LGBTI persons turned to religious organizations hoping to be freed from homosexuality with their help.