“Moonlight” is one of the exceptional samples of films; a film specialist.

“Moonlight”, which was written and directed by 38-years-old director Barry Jenkins, was nominated for the Best Picture for American “Oscar” Academy awards a few days ago. The film presents the story of a homosexual black boy living in one of Miami suburbs.  LGBTnews.am discussed the film with film specialist Raffi Movsisyan. He considers “Moonlight” to be one of the most ignored movies in our region and generally in countries where the majority of the population has conservative mindset. “As the movie is gay drama it’s normal for this topic to be still left out by conservative societies. They exclude it, eject and make fun of it. And any other society which has already overcome all its mind crisises for a long time is a lot more open for this film”.

The film specialist mentions that “Oscar” has political subtext like any other award ceremony or festival, and there is no doubt that it somehow pursues and has its peculiar policy.

“This award seems to be the quintessence of essential issues happening during the year or problems of today’s reality. “Oscar” is the collection of films presenting the ways of raising and solving those problems and if not presenting, then somehow touching them upon. Just creating a good movie isn’t a criteria to appear at “Oscar” and, all the more, win an award for it.

According to the film specialist ՛՛Moonlight՛՛ won “Oscar” not only because it’s a gay drama and tells love stories of black people. “This topic is an overcome issue in American art and, moreover, in “Oscar”, and they wouldn’t be nominated just for it. That film is about a person, his problem of an individual’s search, ”

In the background of different kinds of criseses, psychological pressures, social-economic situations and wars an individual’s way of finding him/herself is getting more and more difficult and becomes an issue of special importance. The problem is wisely solved in the movie and sexual orientation of the hero isn’t stressed at all.

This is to raise another problem: that is the screenwriter’s decision to choose an LGBTI person as the main character to show that starting from school years, at the age of acquiring new understanding of the world, discrimination and intolerance already exists among children, and this is the result of morals and manners of their families and societies. As a result of those customs the culture of violence is formed from childhood years. During school years children aren’t used to understanding those who are different from them and tend to suppress those ones.

This is why we can see that persecuted boy in a completely different status in the second part of the film. His childhood year complexes make him take another direction, where we later see him in the domination and suppressing role.  This is an amazing dramaturgical solution to it, which is brilliantly done by the director. On that point this is one of the exceptional movies for me”,- says Raffi Movsisyan.