MP, I have NOT been sent to Parliament to protect the rights of LGBT people

Republican MP Karine Achemyan is NOT aware that several PACE MPs have issued a statement on the situation of LGBT rights in Armenia. To remind, the statement reads “We call upon the Armenian authorities to publicly repudiate such statements, to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice and to put in place measures to protect LGBT people from violence and discrimination and to counteract homophobic and transphobic attitudes in society, in accordance with the Committee of Ministers Recommendation on measures to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity.”


“I don’t know what you are talking about really. I follow PACE sessions but I don’t have such information, our delegates have not informed us about anything”– said Karine Achemyan.


We inquired from MP whether she, as an MP, is interested in LGBT rights protection and what are the steps she has been taking so far. As we found out Achemyan is not planning to work towards this at all.


“I am not planning to do anything because I have not heard and I have no example that any right of Armenian citizen has been violated. This is the first time I hear from you. Please do not concentrate on this issue that much, as I think, I repeat, I don’t think anyone’s right are violated in this country. If you compare Armenia with Georgia and Azerbaijan in all issues- freedom of expression, media freedom – you will find out that Armenia is a free country” – said Achemyan.


To our comment that there are many violations of LGBT rights in Armenia, Mrs Achemyan commented – “ You know, I have not been sent to Parliament to protect the rights of LGBT people. No one has ever applied to me on this issue. Now you are talking about an issue that I am completely unaware of? We are parliamentarians and we deal with all issues that concern our citizens and our voters”.


The MP regularly repeated that she is not aware of the content of our talk. “I don’t understand what this topic is. You are talking about an issue about which I hear for the first time”. A few minutes later she refused to answer other questions of the journalist.