“Night Rainbow”: the first Armenian trans video has been released

A group of artists in collaboration with the Transgender Community has released the first Armenian trans video and song that has been widely distributed on social networks.

In the interview with LGBTnews, the artists told that the purpose of the video and song is to reveal and present the problems of transgender people through the art.

“The issues of LGBTI and particularly transgender people are, of course, at the political level, but, unfortunately, in authoritarian Armenia, the LGBTI community is not so powerful to be able to shape and impose a political agenda, and we are suggesting an alternative way – to voice the problems of transgender people, to inform the public about them. Presenting the problems through the art is also a great opportunity for transgender people to express themselves, to appear openly in the public. In the video, we have filmed a well-known transgender in the LGBTI community, who, by the way, recently founded a social-cultural non-governmental organization with his friends and has plans to continue on revealing the community problems through the art”,- says one of the artists.

LGBTI internet users called the song the “Armenian trans anthem”.

ILGA Europe and COC Netherlands organizations have supported the creation of the video and the song, and together with them, in the scopes of “Allies in action” project, Armenian artists have  worked.