Outed Robert Aharonyan sued Araratnews media

Leader of “Armenian Social Movement” Robert Aharonyan, who was outed a few months ago by “Let’s expose homophobic gays” initiative and who is especially famous for his homophobe announcements and activities, sued “MACARON AM” LLC for publicizing information in Araratnews.am website about his being outed.

According to the information in Datalex.am, he filed criminal complaints on Januray 27. Aharonyan claimed to confiscate two million dollars and “oblige the defendant to delete the materials from the web page which violated his name, honor and dignity”.

Preliminary hearing is going to be held on April 4 of this year in Shengavit court.

It is worth mentioning that Araratnews.am wrote the following in one of the published articles, “Aharonyan also behaved quite aggressively towards women and minorities in Vanadzor”.

By the way, in the video shared on the Internet there is another young man as well who participates in the sexual “party”. Although his identity isn’t discovered yet, you can see a young man very similar to that one accompanying Aharonyan in another video.

In the interview with Araratnews.am, Robert Aharonyan insisted that those videos have been “created”; he has a normal and traditional sexual orientation; a wife, a child and even a lover.

Whether Aharonyan’s lookalike behaves like a traditional man or not we recommend you to watch in the video.

We should recall that the video which exists in the message of the media shared by “Let’s expose homophobic gays” initiative, was publicized in LGBTnews.am too. Although Aharonyan managed to delete the video from YouTube by reporting it, it is still preserved in Google social network.

We should also recall that in the interview with one of the news Medias, Aharonyan claimed that he intended to sue LGBTnews.am as well, but couldn’t identify the founders of this news Media.