Parliament and LGBT rights, interview with Tevan Poghosyan, MP

LGBT news is starting a new series of interviews entitled “Parliament and LGBT rights”. The purpose of the series is to get the MPs commented on LGBT rights in the country to find out in what type of initiatives the MPs are engaged and how they protect and promote LGBT rights in the country within their available mandate. To note, Armenian has ratified series of international norms and committed to protect the LGBT rights in the country by available local and international tools and mechanisms. Also, as the LGBT people are voters, they will have an insight of how and what their respective and prospective MPs think or are planning to protect their rights. editorial, considering the MP list, as well as looking the type of initiatives the MPs come up with, is far from having illusions that MPs understand what are LGBT rights and how those should be protected. The news editorial is expecting that during the majority of interviews, the comments of the MPs will be against Armenia’s Constitution and its international commitments. However we believe we have to spread light on this in order to initiate a debate among MPs as well. The interview format will be blitz-interview.


Today, the interviewed Heritage fraction MP Tevan Poghosyan to find out whether the MP is planning to take the LGBT issues to the Parliament to discuss the protection of their rights by the Parliament.


Mr Poghosyan, are you concerned by the problems LGBT people face in Armenia? Do you plan to take a parliamentary initiative to protect their rights?


– Why should that matter to me? I am interested in family values and that we should have as many marriages as possible.


I perceive your response as you refuse to protect the rights of a group of Armenian citizens?


– They have people who protect their rights, who support them, you can contact them and they will reply your questions.


So, you think that the protection of rights of citizens is not part of MPs function?


– I am now aware of what other MPs are engaged in. I said what interests me. Every person has a right to choose what he wants and I believe that family values have to be advocated for.


Mr Poghosyan, Articles 14 to 48 of Armenian Constitution talks about fundamental freedoms and rights of citizens, however LGBT rights are totally violated in Armenia. Are you concerned by this fact?


– You mean they are under pressure? I don’t now see it as an issue, you even have a web site, in many other countries you would all have been burnt or killed while you exist in Armenia, but that does not interest me. Armenia is fulfilling its international commitments. 


Artur Minasyan