Pashinyan should have been more reasonable in the choice of words. Boris Navasardyan

“I do not think the chief of police should decide what events should be held in Armenia.” – referring to the statement of the Chief of Police Valery Ospiyan that he does not find the conduction of the LGBT Christian Forum in Armenia expedient, said Yerevan Press Club President Boris Navasardyan in his talk with with LGBTnews.

Let us remind that in connection with the Forum of LGBT Christians, the Chief of Police Valeri Osipyan stated at a briefing in National Assembly that the LGBT Forum wouldn’t be held in Armenia because at that point it was not expedient, he did not find it expedient to be conducted.

Navasardyan did not possess the information on what was the conversation between the Forum organizers and the police about, but thinks that if the forum organizers had been forced to cancel the decision, and if that coercion came from the law enforcement system, then it is a violation of the principle of freedom of assembly.

As to the security issue, Navasardyan expressed his position on this issue, that in any case, the police must be able to ensure law and order in the country.

“The lack of security guarantees by the police cannot be a reason for not holding any event. It is the duty of the police to ensure these guarantees. It’s a different matter if the organizers had been presented what kind of obstacles and threats could happen in case of conducting the forum, and if the organizers themselves considered its conduction unreasonable , said Boris Navasardyan.

Recently, the topic of LGBT was again in the center of attention, and it does not remain without consequences for LGBT people and activists. They have been threatened, some are pursuing them, and there is also a case of beatings the activists in Shurnuk community of Syunik region.

According to Boris Navasardyan, the reason for this situation is that although stereotypes are somewhat broken in Armenia, however, some stigma are still quite deep-rooted. According to Navasardyan, not enough educational and explanatory work is carried out, which causes this kind of manifestations.

“Of course, I think that it is also necessary to take into account the culture existing in society, but it should not be at the cost of violating fundamental human rights,” – said Navasardyan.

Referring to the statement made by the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at National Assembly related to LGBT people issues, Navasardyan mentioned he was surprised by the fact that this statement was perceived negatively by some circles.

Nikol Pashinyan adequately presented the problems. He looks at everything realistically; he does not want to turn a blind eye to problems and addresses them based on the current situation. Everyone should be able to face the realities unquestionably trying to solve their problems,– said Navasardyan

However, the latter thinks that Pashinyan should be more reasonable addressing LGBT human rights problems as a headache.

“But we also should get to know the prime minister: he speaks sincerely in all cases, and if he is really concerned about a problem to which he cannot find a solution, he can talk about it. However, maybe taking into account that he makes a public speech, everyone is listening to him including people who could be offended by his words, should have been more reasonable in choosing words,said Boris Navasardyan.