Several dozens of people attacked LGBTI activists in Syunik

Today, dozens of people have attacked 9 LGBTI activists in the village of Shurnukh in Syunik province, as a result of which they received bodily injuries, there are hospitalized ones.

Some of the activists are now at the police station and present the details of the incident to law enforcement officers.

According to LGBTnews, the activists were hosted at the house of one of their friends in the village of Shurnukh.

In response to our inquiry, the Human Rights Defender’s Office informed that they had received a call about the incident, immediately contacted the police, however at the moment there is no other information to be announced, information will be provided later.

In response to the inquire by LGBTnews, Goris Police confirmed the information about the incident, but did not provide any other information.