The criminal case on the incident between “Right Side” NGO and a member of Yerevan Council of Elders has been discontinued

The criminal case initiated on the fact of the dispute among “Right Side” NGO and RPA member of Yerevan Council of Elders has been discontinued on the grounds of the absence of corpus delicti.

Let’s remind, it’s about the incident with the participation of Yerevan Council member Naira Nahapetyan. On July 4, Lilit Martirosyan, the chairperson of the  “Right Side” NGO and another beneficiary of the organization, whose name has not been published, submitted a report on the crime to the police stating that the office of their NGO is on the first floor of one of the residential buildings in Yerevan, and on the fourth floor of the same building resides Yerevan Council member Naira Nahapetyan.

According to the report, Nahapetyan and a man were on their way to their apartment  when the beneficiaries of the organization were leaving the office. According to Martirosyan, Nahapetyan has provoked a conflict, and the beneficiaries of their organization has offered the woman to enter the office and talk with the chairperson.

«This woman came, pushed the door and, introducing herself as the Municipality employee, said she would close our office because we cause disturbance to her rest. Then she demanded documents from me, wanted to know whether I had the right to have this organization, whether I payed taxes and utilities, then her husband attacked our organization’s beneficiaries and beat them up “- said Martirosyan speaking to LGBTnews about the details of the incident, and noted that all this has been written in  the report submitted to the police.

Martirosyan also said that because of the incident she has been under stress, ant the pinkie of one of their NGO beneficiaries has been “dislocated”.

Earlier, the Police told LGBTnews that the materials on the incident prepared in the Arabkir Police Department has been sent to the proceeding of the Investigation Committee.

Within the scope of the case investigated by the Investigative Committee, the “Right Side” NGO beneficiary, whose pinkie has been «disclosed», had been recognized as a victim.

Two and a half months after the incident, on September 19, the proceeding of the case has been decided to discontinue on the grounds of the absence of corpus delicti. LGBTnews failed to contact with the “Right Side” NGO chairperson, however, in the near future we will try to find out whether the organization is going to take some steps.