The Government has not taken any steps to regulate the issues of discrimination against LGBTI people. HRW

RA government has not taken steps to regulate the issues relating to hate speech or discrimination against LGBTI people. This was fixed in the annual report on human rights made by Human Rights Watch international advocacy organization.

Activists report that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people are still subjected to discrimination, harassment and physical abuse. The government has not taken any steps to regulate the issues of hate speech and discrimination against LGBTI people. Gender identity and sexual orientation as grounds for protection are not involved in the laws regulating anti-discrimination and hate speech limiting the legal framework of numerous crimes against LGBTI persons.

In October 2015, after “Rainbow” forum, which was organized to discuss the protection and promotion of minority rights by LGBTI supporting people, unidentified persons, mainly through social networks, were intimidated and threatened some of the participants, including threats to burn and kill them. The authorities refused to bring a criminal case on the basis of these threats submitting the absence of evidences as a ground.

In June, “Pink Armenia” organization, involved in the protection of LGBTI rights, published a research, according to which, 90% of the population is hostile towards LGBTI people and supports the restriction of their rights. “Pink Armenia” published a report in July 2015, which presents 46 cases of violence and discrimination against LGBTI people committed in 2015. The government failed to take reasonable steps to combat stereotypes and discrimination against LGBTI people”, – says the report.