The government should ensure that LGBTI people don’t face problems. Zhanna Alexanyan

“It would be good if the Chief of Police Valeri Osipyan opened the meanig of what he meant by saying that he does not think it is expedient that the forum of LGBT Christians to be held in Armenia, speaking to LGBTnews, Janne Alexanyan, a human rights activist, president of the Journalists for Human Rights NGO, commented on Valery Osipyan’s statements on the forum.

Zhanna Alexanyan notes that the Chief of Police Osipyan should give reasons why it was better not to conduct the gathering than to conduct.

According to the human rights defender, taking into account the Armenian society’s approach to LGBT people and their problems, it was supposed that the conference should have caused great interest, and that the society could have reacted to it that way.

“The society separates LGBT people, but the state has to ensure that they will not face problems,” Alexanyan says.

The human rights defender also touched upon the statement made by Nikol Pashinyan at National Assembly a few days ago regarding the LGBT people and their problems.

According to Alexanyan, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s stance on LGBT people is not clear; it was a questionable text.

Let us remind that in connection with the Forum of LGBT Christians, the Chief of Police Valeri Osipyan stated at a briefing in National Assembly that the LGBT Forum wouldn’t be held in Armenia because at that point it was not expedient, he did not find it expedient to be conducted.

“We also took explanatory work with them, that it will not happen in the territory of Armenia, told the Chief of Police. Osipyan also justified his remarks with possible risks and safety issue connected with the event.

”New Generation” NGO has made a statement after Osipyan’s announcement and noted, that taking into account the threats on the Internet, harassment and the absence of full readiness by the police to ensure the safety of the forum, it cancels the forum.