The world celebrates Coming Out Day

On October 11, the world celebrates Coming Out; the international day of public and voluntary declaration of sexual orientation. The history of the Coming Out International Day began in 1987, during the March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. From 1988, October 11 has been announced as the International Coming Out Day. During the first years, the day was celebrated only in the USA, and then already in many countries of the world.

The number of people who comes out on this very day increases every year, expressing their support to the other members of the LGBTI community. In recent years, the social network has become the most popular platform for coming out, where both the ordinary people and the popular celebrities freely express their sexual orientation.

“Most people think that they do not know any LGBTI person, but, in fact, all of them have such acquaintances. It’s very important for us to come out and allow  people to know who we are by releasing them from their fears and prejudice”, – said Robert Eckberg, one of the initiators of celebrating October 11 as the Coming Out Day.