This claim seems quite preposterous. Khanjyan and Egoyan urge to review the outlandish decision

An actress Arsine Khanjyan and a director Atom Egoyan are highly concerned about the censorship by Armenia’s Cinematoghraphers’ Union and about cancelling an entire programmeme of “Golden Apricot” Film Festival. The famous artists shared their concerns in their Facebook accounts.

Arsine Khanjyan wrote, “We are very concerned about the censorship by the Union of Cinematographers and the following decision to cancel an entire programmeming by the Golden Apricot Film Festival. Atom was President of the Festival for almost ten years and it’s dismaying to see a festival that we both proudly advocated for within the international film community in the name of films and filmmakers that spoke of such urgent human rights issues can be suppressed, especially when these ideas need to be discussed and brought to light.

Surely there is no better way to honour the spirit of an important Armenian filmmaker, Rouben Gevorgyants, than by making sure new films from Armenian voices can be seen and shared. We have never heard of a programme of new films being cancelled to commemorate a cineaste’s death as a sign of mourning and respect! This claim seems, therefore, quite preposterous. We urge the Festival to review this outlandish decision. We urge the Festival to present this programmeme of thought-provoking work which reflects the true diversity of voices present in Armenia today and the Diaspora alike.”

We should recall that in the interview with journalists head of “Golden Apricot” Film Festival, Harutyun Khachatryan, stated that Armenia’s Cinematoghraphers’ Union canceled the entire programme of off-competition screening of films because of complaints in the society about two LGBT-themed films. As a result, the film festival canceled “Armenians: Internal & External Views” Programme which included those two LGBT-themed films.