To touch people’s hearts and to change the attitude is one of our priorities. Nvard Margaryan

“Over the last ten years, much has changed in LGBT movement in Armenia. The visibility of LGBTI persons is increasing day by day, but the gaps in legislation is impeding LGBT persons to exercise their rights in everyday life”, – said “Public Information and Need of Knowledge”  NGO chairperson Nvard Margaryan during the opening event of the “Week of fight against homophobia and transphobia”.

May 17 is the day of fight against homophobia and transphobia. It is celebrated every year in more than 100 countries in order to highlight the rights violations of LGBT people. The day is symbolic because in 1990 on this day World Health Organization removed homosexuality from the list of mental disorders.

During the period of May 15 to 21, “Pink” as well as other partner organizations of the NGO within the frameworks of various events will voice about the problems of LGTB people in Armenia.

The scheduled events are: photo campaign on LGBTI, closed events are: video campaign entitled “I’m against homophobia” for LGBTI community, submitting letters to state bodies, “Queer monologues” theater performance.

According to “Pink” chairman, if ten years ago people were told, that there are LGBTI Armenians, it would be accepted as a fantasy, but now, organization of such events has become possible, Media started to write about LGBTI, and their problems are also becoming a topic for political discussions.

 As an expression of progress in LGBTI fighting and movement, Margaryan mentioned the filming of the movie “Listen to me”, in which, we should remind, LGBTI 10 persons tell about the difficulties because of their sexual orientation and show the viewers why the protection of LGBTI persons’ rights is important.

Margaryan assured that “Listen to me”, where community representatives present theirselves, is a movie breaking stereotypes.

“We realize that Armenia has no adopted effective policies for the protection of LGBTI persons’ rights, however, on the other hand, the change in public attitude is the cornerstone of solving legal issues, and touching people’s hearts , changing the attitudes is one of our priorities”, – told Nvard Margaryan.

Within the framework of the event, the representative of “Public Information and Need of Knowledge” NGO Armen Aghajanov and “Society without Violence” NGO representative Lida Minasyan referred to researches made by these two organizations.

We should recall, that within the framework of “The comprehensive strategy for the realization of the rights of LGBTI people” project, “Society Without Violence” NGO implemented “The state of LGBTI individuals and human rights in Armenia” and “Pink” implemented “From prejudice to equality: The survey of public attitudes towards LGBTI persons” researches, and based on their results, a strategy has been developed directed to the fight against discrimination and abuse against LGBTI persons.

During the event, social advertisements aimed at increasing LGBTI persons’ visibility were screened, which will be displayed in social networks during the “Week of fight against homophobia and transphobia”.