Traditional societies don’t perceive women’s sexual orientation and right to freedom

“The Coalition to stop Violence Against Women” issued a statement on the fight-week against homophobia and transphobia. The statement particularly reads:

“In Armenian society women’s role as a mother and a wife is of great importance. However any “role” is a restriction of personal choice itself. In such societies woman is often not only deprived from the right of personal life, but is also stoned and persecuted if her not-heteronormative sexual orientation is discovered.

Unfortunately lesbian, bisexual and transgender women (LBT) often face discrimination, violence, enforcement, publicly reprobation, family rejection and alienation. In a Republic where human rights and dignity are declared to be constitutionally supreme value, they seem to have fewer rights to be happy and live a dignified life.

In closed societies lesbian, bisexual and transgender women face various negative treatments like violence and humiliation. Traditional societies often don’t perceive women’s sexual orientation and the right to freedom of choice and adopt «disciplinary» raping method in order to establish negative opinion towards individual’s sexual orientation. The cruelty and frequency of violence against women including violence against LBT women are often spread through mass media.

Within the framework of fight-week against homophobia and transphobia “The Coalition to stop Violence Against Women” highlights and raises the issue of women facing different types of violations whose rights to be free from discrimination and violence are fixed in a number of international pacts signed by Armenia but are not expressed enough in RA legislative field.                                                                                                             

The Coalition states that Armenia should accept comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation and take appropriate steps to eliminate all kinds of sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination against people through.