What did ARF Dashnaktsutyun mean saying “yes”

To find out the opinion of political forces taking part in Parlamentary elections towards LGBTI people’s rights, LGBTnews initiated having interviews with official representatives of political units. Dashnaktsutyun party was also on the list.

We have made an attempt for a few times before to talk about LGBTI people’s rights to the ARF Dashnaktsutyun deputies in National Assembly. Some of them expressed their attitudes towards those people off the record refusing to give their opinion publicly. Head of the party Armen Rustamyan was an exception, whose two interviews have been published on the website.

Officially answering to the questionnaire of “Cooperation for the Sake of Open Society” initiative sent to all political units participating in the elections, Dashnaktsutyun pointed that they are supportive of homosexual people to have the same rights in Armenia as the other citizens.

What magnitude of rights did the party mean answering “yes” to the question of whether or not Dashnaktsutyun is ready to take legislative initiatives for this group of people in the National Assembly? To find answers of this or that questions we made contact with Gayane Manukyan; head of communication and public relations of Dashnaktsutyun.

Hearing the first question Manukyan got annoyed about publicizing their answers of the survey of “Cooperation for the Sake of Open Society” initiative.

“We didn’t give the answers for the initiative to pass it to another NGO”,- said Gayane Manukyan, though the initiative didn’t give the answers to another NGO, it just published it publicly.

We tried to make sure whether or not Dashnaktsutyun agrees that homosexual marriages should be legalized in Armenia by answering “yes” to the above mentioned question of “Cooperation for the Sake of Open Society” initiative, and generally what magnitude of rights did the party mean when giving a positive answer.

In response to our question Gayane Manukyan said that those people have right to vote and added that she is just a coordinator of works with journalists.

We asked her to point out any member of Dashnaktsutyun who will express the opinion of the party regarding the issue. However Manukyan refused to give any names suggesting that they send them the written questionnaire instead.

“Don’t send questions regarding other’s comments and don’t quote”,- Ms. Manukyan warned.

LGBTnews sent the questions to the Dashnaktsutyun official address a few days ago, but it’s the last day of the political campaign and we haven’t received any response yet.

However we will try hard in the future to get the official opinion of Dashnaktsutyun party regarding the above mentioned issue.