Yerevan Municipality dismantled LGBTI themed social advertising posters

LGBTI themed social advertising posters installed in Yerevan have been dismantled. Head of External Design and Advertising Department of Yerevan Municipality Araz Baghdasaryan posted on this issue on his Facebook account.  

“The 3 posters, promoting tolerance towards sexual minorities, were illegally installed in Yerevan. Regardless of their content, the posters were removed since no prior permission was obtained from Yerevan Municipality,”- the official posted on his social network page.

Pink Armenia in its turn posted on its official Facebook page; “Public Information and Need of Knowledge NGO has a contract for these social advertisements in the city. We will provide details and our opinion regarding the removal of the posters after checking the circumstances.”

We should recall that within the frameworks of three-year project “Solidarity Network for LGBTI in Armenia and Georgia” Pink Armenia initiated a social campaign in Yerevan installing posters in the city.

 Advertising posters themed “Trans people are a part of our society”, “You meet them every day”, ““Do you wish happiness to everyone, wish us happiness as well” appeared in downtown Yerevan on May 25 and stayed there for 2 days only.