Parents’ sanction towards their LGBT children can lead to serious consequences; sexologist

Parents’ sanction towards their LGBT children can lead to serious consequences. This was said by Vrezh Shahramayna as journalist approached him for a comment. “The news of having LGBT child is usually a serious challenge for a parent. We had cases, when the parent heard about the news and they beat the child severely. This is totally unacceptable, as that child should in no way be blamed for that”. Also, Mr Shahramanyan confirmed that any type of pressure on the child in the family makes the situation more complicated, which in turn makes the process of working with the child more problematic when bringing person’s life back into harmony.


To our question what are the questions and under which circumstances the LGBT children go to hospital, the sexologist replied that sometimes they think they have a sickness, sometimes parents made them come. However, the sexologist mentioned that there are quite a big number of patients who come to seek for solutions on sexual problems they or their partners are having.


Sexologist mentioned that doctors are guided by an international classification of illnesses, and so after the most recent update of the classification being an LGBT person is no longer considered an illness. There is only one LGBT connected illness in the list- called Ego-dystonic sexual orientation. According to World Health Organization definition, during this illness a person wishes to change its sexual orientation resulted by psychological or mental disorders. That person quite well realizes its homo-bi-or heterosexuality but refuses to accept it. Here the illness is classified in the list of mental illnesses and in no way connected with person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. According to doctor, many of the LGBT patients are seeking for psychological advice as they are under stress or depressed.


Irina Tsaturyan, psychologist, told us that the number of LGBT people using her service has increased. About 3-4 years ago I didn’t have any LGBT patient. Taking about the parents’ denial on their kids’ sexual orientation, she explained that the parent just does not want to accept that truth about the kid. The psychologist advised not to interfere in the life of LGBT people or try to make decision instead of them or even choose their future profession. “If the person think they have a problem, they will go to hospital, if not, no one, including any psychologist should persuade them the opposite” concludes Tsaturyan.